The Story of Edelawith Ejigayehu

Edelawith came to us in the age of three as a cute, but very skinny and small child. Obviously she was malnourished and when we brought her something for breakfast she was neither able to eat anything nor to drink from a cup.

Edelawit in 2008.

At the beginning this made us a fairly anxious, but her mother explained us that the only thing she had got to drink was mother’s milk.

She also told us about her husband who died during her pregnancy with Edelawith and then when she gave birth she had almost died as well. She had lost consciousness and was put into a coffin because everybody had believed that she was dead.

Fortunately she was able to move inside the coffin and make enough noises so that people came and had helped her to get out of the coffin.

God had given her a second chance to see her children growing up, but still it was a hard time for her.

She never started begging, but the money she earned by selling Injera was not enough to live and so they often had to go to bed hungrily.

Edelawit with her mother.

Edelawit in 2009.

Eventually the landlord threw them out of their house violently because they weren’t able to pay the rent increase.

Then we helped her in paying her another better house until we have found a donor to pay her rent.

During this whole time there was nothing else for Edelawith to drink or eat then the milk of her mother’s breasts.

She started learning eating and drinking in our child home. Since then she has developed a lot and has become a happy young girl.

She actually attends the second grade in the Goal International School and is a good and diligent student.

Her mother is very lovely and thankful for the help she has experienced through Ethiopia Arise.

Right now she works in our Mothers-Restaurant and has an arranged income.

Edelawit in 2014.