The Story of Wondeye


Wondeye is from the north of Ethiopia, he came to Addis Ababa after his parents had died of Aids and he had to move to his aunt. His aunt and her two children had to beg either and therefore she couldn’t feed him properly.

Wondeye coming to us, with his aunt and her two children.

So she sent him to beg on the streets day by day, making him hide under a blanket begging while showing only one of his hands.

The days when he didn’t bring enough money his aunt became very angry with him.

He wasn’t allowed to go to school and wasn’t treated as a family member.

Fortunately one day an assistant of the government found him at the street and asked him whether he wouldn’t go to school; at this time he already was eight years old.

He told the lady that he would be very happy to go to school.

Wondeye – lucky  to be a school pupil now.

So the assistant contacted us in the Children’s Home Ethiopia Arise and we took care of the boy, gave him a school uniform and paid every further cost.

We also offered our financial support to his aunt.

Every day Wondeye came to us into the Children’s home for lunch.

Although he had no educational background he immediately became the best in his class and still is, now in the third grade.

He still lives with his aunt now, and it is a joy to see how positively he developed.

He profits from the Saturday school and is as good as his friends who are attending a private school.

Wondeye giving a testimony about how important his school has become for him.

Wondeye in the children’s home.

He is a good example for all the precious children who have such a high potential but cannot live it out because of the dangerous environment they live in.

Thanks to all the godparents who make it possible for us to help those children.