Single mother in Addis Ababa

Tizita and friends

Our vision is to give needy Ethiopian children and their parents who live in extreme poverty, the opportunity for a comprehensive change, so that they can live a happier life with Christian values ​​and awareness for honesty, love and responsibility:

  • to bring forth healthier, more conscientious, loving citizens, that take responsibility and make a difference in society,
  • to see the healing of broken hearts, especially among those of single mothers and their children from broken families,
  • to re-establish the dignity of women and children who were forced into an inhumane lifestyle, of begging and degrading jobs, by their poverty,
  • to positively influence the lives of children and their mothers, by giving them the timely education they cannot afford,
  • to provide needy single mothers, that are needed on the job market, with practical skills, so that the cycle of poverty is broken.

Our Mission

The organization enables indigent children and their parents to achieve their goals. It helps them to realize their God-given potential and enables them to develop spiritually, physically, socially, mentally and emotionally in all areas:

  • through good teaching,
  • through short-term training,
  • through life coaching,
  • by improving living conditions through healthy nutrition, clothing, medical care, good conditions for learning and letting them find joy in life.

The kids are happy about the new kindergarten