Children’s Home

Our Children’s Home in Addis Ababa

Main entrance of the children’s home

The work with the children between the ages three and five begins in the organization’s own kindergarten.

For school children, of whom a high percentage are placed in private schools, EA finances their school fees, and on many Saturdays the school children are provided with leisure activities, tutoring and sports.

Wooden Playhouse with ladder

Playing children in the exterior area of the children’s home

The aim is for poor, needy children from mostly single mothers to be taken care of in the kindergarten of Ethiopia Arise throughout the day. As a result, the mothers are able to work longer and find better jobs.

Pupils learning knitting

Pupils of the Pre-School

This means that their income situation will improve in the long term and their children can get two warm meals a day as well as access to child-friendly pre-school education.