Media for Everyone

Here we offer all interested readers a small collection of articles that have appeared in newspapers and online magazines about Ethiopia Arise eV. In addition, we offer a downloadable version of a magazine and a (German) Documentary DVD to order.

Documentary DVD

Our documentary DVD “Save a smile” or “Hilfe, die von Herzen kommt” can be ordered through our contact form. An optional donation can be given in the amount of 12,50 €, shipping costs included.

The PDF with all the details can be downloaded here (only in german):

PDF Download


Our regular newsletter (which is available in German as well as English) gives a deeper insight into the workings of Ethiopia Arise eV and always includes a brief, empowering message to all our friends and partners.

Our newsletter is sent via email and can be ordered through our contact form.

Online Magazine

Here you can download our online magazine about Ethiopia Arise e. V.:

PDF Download