Material for Press Release

All journalists may have the chance to download texts and photographs here in order to get a general idea about all the work of Ethiopia Arise.

Material for Press Release for Download

Here you can find some information about the following questions for download via PDF:

  • Who is EA?
  • How long has EA existed?
  • Working Branches of EA
  • Leadership and Staff
  • The goals of EA
  • What has already been achieved?
  • What are the desired goals?
  • Where has EA already been journalistically mentioned?
  • Wichtige Sponsoren of EA
  • DVD – the film to Ethiopia Arise

Logo and Motto for Download

Please click on the corresponding picture in order to download it in full size (tif-file):

Logo Ethiopia Arise e. V.

Motto “Save a Smile”

Photos for Download

The slogan of Ethiopia Arise is “Save a smile”. Therefore it’s not our intention to show children in the midst of poverty, hardship, dirt and need. We don’t want to manipulate the readers or visitors by means of heartbreaking photos showing unhappy looking children.

Even those kids we saved directly from the streets are not willing to imitate their former style of living for a photo because of shame and psychological damage. We want to please you urgently to respect this principle.

Please click on a picture in order to download it in full size:

Klaus and Ruth Betz

Christmas 2014

Some of the Kids in the children’s home in Addis Ababa

Graduation celebration in Addis Ababa

Tizita and her friends