Working branches of the children’s house

Job training for cooks in the restaurant


In order to improve the income situation of mothers, EA had a restaurant equipped and training courses set up for mothers, in which they were trained to independently run a restaurant. 11 mothers in Addis Ababa have operated such a restaurant successfully for two years.

Hairdressing course

The recently established hairdressing course gives young single mothers the opportunity to gain a new set of skills through which they can support their livelihood.

Job trainig for hairdressers

Tailoring and embroidery

Tailoring course

With donated sewing machines EA offers the mothers a six-month training and more advanced training courses, so that women learn how to mechanically stitch small blankets and bedspreads.

Mothers Training Courses

EA regularly provides general training courses on topics such as health counselling and education about HIV / AIDS, rejection of violence in any form in dealing with children and generally in everyday life, child upbringing, etc.

Health advice

Workshop in the children’s home

Saving Courses

In addition to the practical assistance EA also provides guidance on self-administered saving courses that can be loaned from the associated members. In addition, EA mainly advises mothers in the implementation of joint or individually elaborated business ideas.