Meseret Kassiye

Interview of EA Children

During the preparation to renew the web page of Ethiopia Arise, we asked some of EA Children to describe what EA means to them with few sentences. Meseret was one of them.

Meseret in 2020.

Meseret in 2011 

Meseret in 2010.


How you came to EA: How old were you? From which Family conditions?

I came to Ethiopia Arise at the age of five. My parents were living in a private rented house and my mother was the only bread winner of the family because my father has sight disability. And she used to hold me on her back while working because there was no one to look after me and they were not able to send me to school.


What you love Most by Ethiopia Arise and what you don’t like…….?

I like everything specially the Saturday tutorial class. My parents are very grateful for all the support Ethiopia Arise has been giving since I joined.


How much effect had Saturday tutorial class on You?

The Saturday tutorial class has greatly affected my educational performance. I have become an outstanding student because of the educational support I have got.  


What can EA do better and where you see need for change?

I suggest if we can have chemistry and physics subjects included on the Saturday tutorial class.


What do you want to become in the future and why?

want to be a Medical Doctor because I love helping people. And want to open a charity organization working on health.